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Cade & Macaskill are experienced facilitators creating original workshops that explore, respond to and sometimes inform their performance approaches. See also Rosana Cade’s extensive facilitation work as part of their Walking:Holding Project.

selected workshops

The Making of Pinocchio - How To Be A Real Boy - supported by Marlborough Theatre, Brighton and Live Art Development Agency as part of their DIY, artist-led Workshop programme - 2019

A playful and irreverent 3-day workshop with a group of trans and non-binary artists responding to the idea of Pinocchio as a trans narrative. We asked what being a ‘real boy’ means to us, how ideas of legitimacy and authenticity impact other areas of our lives, and what role pleasure plays in our practices. And we had a lot of fun pretending to be ‘real’ theatre makers working at a ‘real’ theatre.

Trans Joy workshop online for LGBT Health & Wellbeing as part of the process for The Making of Pinocchio.

This uplifting and celebratory 3 hour workshop focuses on finding joy in the trans experience, drawing inspiration from artists who have created their own ‘Radical Acts of Trans Joy’. It is an antidote to the pathologisation of being trans, and processes focused on pain and trauma. Cade & MacAskill share some creative ideas around marking and celebrating trans identities, and invite participants to make their own joyful creative action. 


Queer Live Art and Children DIY - Supported by The National Theatre Studio and Live Art Development Agency as part of their DIY, artist-led Workshop programme - 2015

A five day workshop with a group of queer live artists exploring how we might make queer live art for young people. We looked at examples of existing work, discussed the perceived risks and gatekeeping in this sector, and had space to try ideas out together. We had access to the National Theatre costume store, so we looked at queer aesthetics through costuming and drag, and created a group sharing by the end of the week.

mentoring / dramaturging / outside eyeing

Cade & MacAskill enjoy working with other artists as outside eyes and in mentoring support roles.

Some people they have worked with are:

Emma Frankland

Mamoru Iriguchi

Tink Flaherty

Tammy Reynolds

Katrīna Duka

Moa Johanson

Get in touch if you would like to work with them in this way.

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