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We invite you to sing-a-long 

In honour of trans lives,

In praise of beautiful trans bodies,

In hope of euphoric trans futures.

TAPS AFF! splices together footage from Double Pussy Clit Fuck’s ‘Bye Bye Boobies’ gig at Steakhouse Live Queer Salon at Sutton House in London, with phone videos from the trip we took to Torquay for Ivor’s Top Surgery in 2018 to create a queer anarchic celebration of that life changing event.

We’re interested in how we ritualise, celebrate, or mark processes of gender transition in ways that feel affirmative and personal, in order to reclaim them from generic medicalisation, which often focuses on disorder and pain. In a time when transphobia is so rife in Britain, we are committed to putting our energy into creating positive representations of trans lives. We call these rituals and celebrations ‘Radical Acts of Trans Joy’.


The gig, and the creation of this film, is a Radical Act of Trans Joy, celebrating Ivor’s glorious chest masculinisation and defying trauma or shame based narratives.

We created this film during lockdown at the beginning of 2021 for the Trans Joy workshop we were leading with LGBT Health and Wellbeing. 


Running time is 14 minutes.


Original Footage Claire Nolan, Rosana Cade

On the piano Matthew Poxon

Surgeon Mr Andrew Yelland

Filmed at Sutton House and Torquay

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