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The Making of Pinocchio

A true tale of love and transition told through the story of Pinocchio. 

project background


We've been working on The Making Of Pinocchio since 2018 when Ivor came out as trans. With support from the Diane Torr bursary and through a series of residencies at Gessnerallee in Zurich, Mousonturm in Frankfurt, Kampnagel in Hamburg, and West Kowloon Cultural District across 2018-19, the process allowed us to respond creatively to his gender transition as a couple. 

This tender and complex autobiographical experience is woven into the work, which is set in a film studio, and follows 2 artists on a fictional process of creating a new version of Pinocchio as trans allegory, inviting audiences to see the behind-the-scenes ‘reality’. 

“Fantasy is what establishes the possible in excess of the real. It points elsewhere, and when it is embodied, it brings the elsewhere home.’' Judith Butler

The layers of reality and fantasy become complicated and slide around throughout, as the artists get consumed by the fantasy world of Pinocchio. Using cameras, live feed, screens and forced perspective the audience’s view is manipulated and constantly shifting. Central questions around what it means to be seen as a ‘real boy’, or to have to prove your authenticity, and how this relates to a cultural trend for autobiography underpin the work. It also joyfully embraces the importance of fantasy and imagination in queer worldmaking, and the idea of transness as a state of possibility that can open up society.


The Making of Pinocchio premiered as a Digital Edition in Spring 2021 at Take Me Somewhere Festival. This has been redeveloped as a live show ready for a hybrid digital and live tour from May 2022. Click the icons below to find out more.

If you are interested in booking The Making of Pinocchio please contact our producer, Nora Laraki on

★★★★ ‘Wondrous’

The Guardian

★★★★ ‘Powerful’

The Scotsman

Cade _ MacAskill_Pinocchio_Square_Photo by Christa Holka, post-production by Anna Fernande

Photo by Christa Holka

Copy of THEMAKINGOFPINOCCHIO_TMS2021_webres-13.jpg

Photo by Tiu Makkonen

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